Bullies Are Just Babies Benefit

by The Märchen Sagen Academy

###UPDATE### JULY 18, 2019

The Märchen Sagen Academy is officially a grant recipient from the Facebook Community Fund!  We were recognized for our work in the community and given a $10,000 grant!

Help our nonprofit, The Märchen Sagen Academy, create opportunities for the youth!

A Benefit Song, to Stop a Bully, and Build a School.  

After 3 years in Downtown Decatur, GA., our nonprofit, The Märchen Sagen Academy, is growing into a building that is four times as large as our little historic home on the square.  We are moving into our Impact Years.  We have seen hundreds of kids come through our doors and developed an original, nurturing and creative afternoon program.  We have always been committed to serving the community with new and innovative ways to educate children.  

We will renovate a 12,000 square foot building in Avondale Estates, and along with our existing program, an afternoon enrichment program in Video and Audio Production, we will fund technology providers and partners to deliver 21st-century education to underserved kids.  

The Märchen Sagen Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and we are committed to helping kids become better humans.  We hope to sponsor up to 30 kids a month, with 20 of them participating in a Coding I, II, and III, 3D Printing and LEGO Robotics enrichment program. 

We would like to raise funds for program support, renovation costs, mold remediation, and a new roof.  We are hoping to raise at least $20,000 of that from individuals, families, and organizations that support our dream of helping kids transform the future.

To raise the funds, we are using what we have.  Content.  We had an idea to use a song that we recorded, "Bullies Are Just Babies", to kick off a fundraiser with multiple benefits.  We could really impact awareness around the "un-coolness of bullying", and with enough donations, raise the funds we need to renovate the new space, sponsor education partners and help lots of kids for years to come.   

We are looking for supporters who can give at least $1 to lift up our efforts.  And for that $1, you will get "Bullies Are Just Babies" and you can start dancing immediately.  Also, playing the song in public and in class may cause a bully to feel bad about their past and change their ways ;)  

Get the song today, and agree to make that one dollar a monthly donation for the next 12 months.  It is not a lot of money, and it will be extremely helpful in supporting youth enrichment and unfoldment.  Again, all funds support our scholarship program, programming costs and workshops for underserved youth.

Share the video and help get the word out too!  Motivated supporters are encouraged to establish a giving circle share on social as much as possible.  

We realize that this is a grand undertaking and a worthwhile endeavor, and we need a community of support to make it happen!

Thank you so much.


The Märchen Sagen Academy is a nonprofit focused on developing humans and their ideas.  In our enrichment programs, we teach kids the magic, art and science of video and audio production.  More importantly, we inspire children to unlock the power of their own imagination, and co-create their world and not compete for it.    

MSA was founded in 2016 to help people transform their lives through the power of faith and personal action.  Faith in themselves and their ideas, and developing their imagination to create plans for bringing it about.  We started by creating an amazing afternoon enrichment program for kids ages 5-12.  We have since served many families and hundreds of kids have come through our doors.  Still, hundreds more have attended our workshops at local area elementary schools.  Founded by Couleen LaGon, an Atlanta native and entrepreneur, mentor and teacher, a video and audio producer with a production and publishing deal, film and television work, and at one point, a homeless veteran.  

Couleen would say that he was blessed to struggle in his youth.  He knows what it is like to move 18 times in 20 years or to grow up without a father who passed at an early age.  Like many, he too grew up with limiting beliefs that perpetually kept him in poverty, mentally, spiritually and financially.  But he overcame many challenges through faith and personal action, and through the nonprofit, The Märchen Sagen Academy, and an innovative and nurturing afternoon enrichment program for kids, he hopes to continue to inspire and teach the newer generations to come how to transform and add to their lives through their imagination too.

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