National "Pass Your Torch" Campaign

by Pass the Torch for Women Foundation


Pass the Torch for Women Foundation believes that all women should have access to professional growth. We are a community that passes the torch through mentoring, connecting, and investing in women at all stages of their careers.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 in support of our mission. Read more on the impact below!


Without people like you, we cannot provide positive impacts for women within our community who are developing professionals, single mothers, first-generation college students, from underserved communities, and so many others. We make a difference every single day in a woman’s life and it is due to the women and men committed to the Foundation who share a passion for growing our future women leaders

Every dollar makes a difference and will directly support our mission. Your tax-deductible donation will help the Foundation fund essential programs to support female college students and developing professionals, as well as help us keep our doors wide open to continue to say, "yes!", to requests like Andrea's. 

Here is her story: 

"Pass the Torch has helped me. I came out of my comfort zone as a divorced single parent and domestic violence survivor. Now I work at Eli Lilly and have purchased a newly built four-bedroom home. Supporting the Foundation would be beneficial to mentees when advancing in educational and career growth, because having a safety net when an emergency arises is vital in reducing stress so a mentee can focus on learning, working, and not being overwhelmed at home. Your donation can provide even more support for women like me."


We need YOUR help. Since 2014, the Foundation has positively impacted over 2,000 women across the nation and we can't stop now. During this unprecedented time, we have had to implement innovative solutions to continue to serve our community through mentorship, leadership development, networking and most importantly, by creating a platform of support. In order to continue to pour into our community members, we are asking for you to consider spreading the word of this campaign and share it with your friends and family. 


We know we can't do it alone. Our team is working tirelessly, like so many organizations, to keep doing what we do best. Thank you to all our Ambassadors who have shared this campaign and for all who have donated to support women from all walks on their journey. 

You make a difference.

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