Squash into Summer!

by Mission Squash

MISSION SQUASH empowers students from Houston’s under-served communities to unlock & maximize their potential through intensive year-round academic, wellness, and enrichment programs. 

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! We are getting ready to kick off this year's camps! Over the course of 5 weeks, our 40 scholars will participate in daily programming, including: 

  • Project-Based Learning to develop and grow 21st century skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, research, and creativity! 
  • Individualized Academic Intervention to close gaps in reading and math and prepare for the upcoming school year
  • SAT classes for all rising high school seniors as well as college application workshops for essays, finalizing college lists, and building resumes
  • Squash & Fitness to hone skills, increase strength and athletic performance, and create college recruitment videos for upperclassmen
  • Weekly enrichment trips to college campuses, national parks, and volunteer experiences! 

This work is not possible without supporters like you! This year's summer camp will cost $20,000, and we need your help to ensure our kids have the rigorous and fun programming they deserve. 


  • 100% of high school seniors have applied to a 4 year college
  • 100% of boarding school applicants were admitted to top-tier institutions
  • 33% of all scholars have maintained grades above a B
  • 67% of scholars passed all courses in Semester 1, surpassing HISD's passing rate of 19% for disadvantaged high school students 
  • 70% of scholars competing in tournaments have made it to the finals of their division

The Mission Squash program has been an invaluable piece of our scholar's long-term success, providing individualized academic support, socio-emotional wellness programming, as well as fitness and squash training a minimum of 3 days a week. This year, we will grow to serve 60 scholars with two additional full-time staff members and begin our college persistence program with our first ever Mission Squash alumni! 

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