Giving Tuesday 2019

by Mississippi Spay and Neuter

Our friends at Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) see the unimaginable consequences of pet overpopulation first hand, every day. More than 5,000 helpless cats and dogs are surrendered at their facility each year.

We know that there are not 5,000 local families willing to adopt a new pet each year. In fact, for every person born in Mississippi, 9 cats and dogs are born. That number is simply unsustainable.

With a problem so huge, how do we begin to create a community where every cat and dog is given a chance at life? Where every animal is loved and cared for?

The answer is surprisingly simple: through spay and neuter. For each animal that we fix at Mississippi Spay and Neuter’s Big Fix Clinic (MS SPAN), we prevent the suffering and homelessness of hundreds more. At MS SPAN, we are committed to performing spay and neuter at a price that is affordable for anyone. And no one is EVER turned away because they can’t afford to pay.

In order to continue fighting this problem head-on, we have been renovating a new facility that will allow us to spay or neuter more than 10,000 animals each year-twice as many as we currently serve! But we can’t do it alone.

By increasing our services, we also increase the cost of running our clinic. Some of these costs include:

  • A second veterinarian to perform spay/neuter surgeries and wellness services
  • Two additional veterinary technicians
  • Providing financial support for those who cannot afford the full price of spay/neuter
  • Increased utility costs and building maintenance

We know that growing isn’t easy, but that the lives we will save will be worth it. The goal of our new clinic is to reduce the number of animals who come through MARL’s doors each year by half- down to 2,500 each year. We can do that with your help!

For only $27.24 YOU can provide a spay/neuter surgery to a cat or dog in need. And that ensures that thousands of unwanted animals don’t suffer. Our goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise $5,000-one dollar for each animal surrendered to MARL this year.

You can also help us reach our goal by creating your own fundraiser! Click "I want to Fundraise for This" above, or create one on Facebook by clicking here. 

Won’t you please make a tax-deductible donation today? Whether big or small, your gift will bring us one step closer to a Mississippi where no animal is abandoned or left at a shelter to be euthanized.

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