Artist Residencies Fund

by Mount Tremper Arts

**THANK YOU! We have exceeded our goal of $20,000 ahead of the November 30 deadline. The fund will remain open until December 31.**

Support artists and their safe return to Mount Tremper Arts. It is a time when their vision is greatly needed, yet artists are faced with devastating challenges as performances, venues, and funding remain imperiled. 

Returning to MTA is different for each artist. It can mean being in the studio with collaborators for the first time in months, and it can mean restoring and reconnecting with the outdoors. It can mean focusing on solo practice in isolation, or it can mean podding and innovating new types of performance. It's a time when resilience, understanding, and experimentation will keep us going.

Help us provide relief, care, and even joy, during this time by giving a one-time or monthly donationWith your gift, we can together provide care and space for artists. 

Thank you for your support!

Photos (2019-20): Kota Yamazaki; Eric Dyer of Radiohole; Molly Lieber and Paul Hamilton in work by Oren Barnoy, photo by Malcolm Betts; Deborah Lohse, Charles Gowin, Katy Pyle, MJ Markowitz, Matthias Kodat, Ari Grossmann of Ballez; MTA Patrons photo by Matthew Long.

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