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by Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

The Pride of America

They Served Our Country with Dedication, Courage and Great Sacrifice

Some Veterans Are Still Fighting

Did you know research shows 22 veterans commit suicide each day*, and 40% of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are diagnosed with depression or PTSD** with many others undiagnosed? Those with depression or PTSD are three times more likely to get divorced, three times more likely to lose their jobs, and four times more likely to commit suicide. (*2012 Suicide Data Report presented by Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Services Suicide Prevention Program, **www.cdc.gov, www.Veteransandptsd.com) 

Approximately 27% of veterans qualify for ongoing benefits due to retirement or disability following their military service. This leaves 73%, or 65,000, veterans plus their families in our local community without support for trauma they incurred during their military service.

Veterans who experience PTSD, and whose primary symptom is anger, can create an environment of fear and disconnection in their parenting roles. Children often don’t understand that their parent’s reactions are due to their behavioral health struggles, not the child’s actions. In turn, this sometimes contributes to teen suicide, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health struggles in families.

At Mt. Carmel, active military, veterans, and their families have access to traditional talk-therapy and alternative therapies for no/low cost with no prequalification, insurance requirements, or VA referral. Mt. Carmel VSC also offers other very important services that include:

• Individualized support and case management

• Housing, utilities, grocery and gas financial support

• Free food giveaway

• Veterans Integration Program

• Service-to-Career Programs

• Job coaching

• Transferable Skills Development Program

• Support groups - PTSD, PTSD Family Support, Trauma-Focused Yoga

• Coordination assistance with agencies and organizations within the community

Help Mt. Carmel VSC reach out to military and veteran heroes that need our help.

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