Musicopia String Orchestra

by Musicopia

Founded by Musicopia in 2005, the Musicopia String Orchestra program is based on the philosophy that participating in serious, long-term musical endeavors can have a transformative impact on students, encouraging discipline, teamwork, and personal and creative development. MSO serves students throughout the greater Philadelphia region with three levels of ensemble: Musicopia Young String Players (MYSP), Musicopia String Orchestra, and Musicopia Chamber Orchestra. Many of the students learned to play their instruments in school, for them being in MSO is often their first ensemble playing experience.

All MSO students rehearse every Tuesday with a core faculty of passionate and committed teaching artists, preparing for their performances, and participating in special projects and collaborations with guest artists or groups. In addition to the weekly full orchestra rehearsals, supplemental activities provided may include intensive chamber coaching for advanced students and various collaborations with guest performers.

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