#helptheherd • Keep The Musk Ox Farm Musk Ox Strong!

by The Musk Ox Farm

For the last 56 years, the Musk Ox Farm has strived to bring geographically appropriate agriculture to the far north. We are proud to promote gentle, stress-free musk ox husbandry and qiviut production to benefit northern people and to provide education to the public. 

Like any small nonprofit, we've seen our fair share of highs and lows, so we're no strangers to uphill battles. COVID-19 may be the biggest battle we've faced yet, as 75% of our annual revenue is derived during the summer season, the time of year we are (normally) implementing our educational programs to visitors from all over the world. After losing our entire summer season in 2020, we are now fully preparing to potentially lose our entire 2021 summer season, along with the ability to host yet another year of fundraising events and educational programming. 

The Musk Ox Farm needs to raise $50,000 to cover our losses already incurred, and projected summer season losses. 

We need to raise this money so that:

• We can continue to keep our herd of 80 musk oxen healthy & happily fed 

• We can provide adequate care to the new calves arriving in spring - they require vaccinations and special calf feed to make sure they grow healthy and strong!

• We can continue to keep our operations running smoothly - including farm maintenance & paying our amazing team of staff members who are working tirelessly to make this place a possibility. 

• We can continue to implement educational programming to our local, national, and international communities by building the necessary virtual infrastructure needed to connect people like never before.


1. Donate $11, $40, or $100 today - or ANY amount! Perhaps consider a small amount monthly? No amount is too small, truly! 

2. Be a musk ox cheerleader! Spread the word about our campaign with your world - family members, friends, socially-distant co-workers. We recognize that many now find themselves without a paycheck or have taken a pay cut. If you can't help financially, share this with as many folks as you can!

Thank you for your generous contributions and your help getting the word out. Together, we will remain as strong as a Musk Ox!

ox ox ox ~ The Musk Ox Farm Team

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