by My Sister's Keeper Success Institute, Inc.

COVID-19 has had an impact on the world, but our goal is bigger than a virus!  More than EVER before, we MUST empower our young women of color for the world that is waiting for them!  

This is our 2020 campaign to raise support our cause to mentor African American girls and girls in communities of color to pursue STEAM careers, and careers in high demand industries, increasing representation and opportunities to compete for leadership positions as women of color.  We are committed to helping our girls have strong authentic self-identities, broad knowledge of industries and businesses they can pursue that are growing and shaping the future, and engage in leadership development, and financial education for a strong lead in the future. 

Every donation counts, no matter the amount!  Please consider engaging your friends, family, and associates to start their own fundraiser to support our cause!

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Thank you for giving!

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