International Day of the Bible

by National Bible Association

Join Us Sunday November 24th for the International Day of the Bible!

Celebrating Our 10th Year!


Use #BibleCelebration to share your favorite Bible verse!

Join the millions around the world on Sunday November 24th and use #BibleCelebration to share your favorite Bible verse!

Today, the strength of National Bible continues as an association of dedicated members who work together to carry out the mission of encouraging Bible reading. This is done primarily through our four main program areas:

  1. International Day of the Bible Sunday November 24th to communicate to the 206 Nations of the World.
  2. To Distribute widely the book "Biblical Wisdom for Better Living" by Barry Black Chaplain of the U.S. Senate and formerly head of all U.S. Chaplains of the Army, Navy and Air Force especially in the United States.
  3. Campaigns in the regular media and Social media to “Encourage Reading of the Bible…whatever version.
  4. Recognition and Awards to members of the U.S Congress, Businessmen and to Army, Navy and Air Force Chaplain .


The event is being sponsored by The National Bible Association, in partnership with The American Bible Society, Bible Gateway, Museum of the Bible, Scripture Union, the US Catholic Council of Bishops, and YouVersion The Bible App.

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