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NATIONAL BIBLE ASSOCIATION WHOSE MEMBERS ARE  of the Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faiths, all joined together for the sole purpose to “Encourage Everyone to Read the Bible…whatever version“.   

The National Bible Association is a non-profit, educational association operating in the public square that provides a platform for our Nation’s Leaders to encourage people to read the Bible. The purpose of the National Bible is to Encourage the Reading of the Bible…whichever version is used.

The National Bible Association was created in 1940 by a group of business and professional leaders in New York City. Their purpose was to find hope for America while war raged in Europe. By 1941 these leaders agreed that the Bible, a proven source of hope and encouragement throughout history, should be the focus of their efforts.

Today, the strength of National Bible continues as an association of dedicated members who encourage Bible reading locally, through events and special projects, and nationally, through media campaigns. This is done primarily through our main program areas

  1. International Day of the Bible Sunday November 29th to communicate to the 206 Nations of the World.
  2. To Distribute widely the book “Biblical Wisdom for Better Living” by Barry Black Chaplain of the U.S. Senate and formerly head of all U.S. Chaplains of the Army, Navy and Air Force especially in the United States.
  3. Campaigns in the regular media and Social media to “Encourage Reading of the Bible…whatever version.

The National Bible Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible in full or in part.  EIN: 13-1860450 

Our donors to The National Bible Association have had the assurance that their contributions are faithfully ‘Encouraging Everyone to Read the Bible…whatever version.’

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