Let the Pride Love Fly Campaign

by National LGBT Cancer Network

Send a message of love to LGBTQ people everywhere! 

Counter the hate and discrimination against our communities! 

Show the world that we will not be silenced! 

The National LGBT Cancer Network has commissioned the biggest billboard we could find in Times Square to launch into 2020 by letting the LGBTQ love fly. As a million people pass through the area, they will see our 56 foot long rainbow flag with our message, “Hey, queers, we love you! Stay healthy in 2020”. Our 10-second PSA repeats at least three times every hour through the end of February. 

Join us, help us spread this message of love and health. We have a $20,000 fundraising goal for this campaign. With every $2,000 we raise, we can switch out the current ad for a new one. Want to see a message specifically for queer youth? How about one for bisexual or nonbinary or trans health? The website even allows you to work with friends to bundle $2,000 between everyone.

Stigma and discrimination lead to illness; that is a fact. If you think LGBTQ health is precious, if you have struggled to stay optimistic after the 2019 onslaught of federal policies attacking our health protections, if you have seen an LGBTQ loved one struggle against discrimination, then please help let the pride love fly.

Do you want to memorialize an LGBTQ person you loved who fought cancer? Or do you want to be known as a staunch supporter of LGBTQ health? Donors at the $500 and above level will get the chance to see their own name or that of a loved one up on the billboard in the final week of the campaign!

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