Helping Heroes

by National Remember Our Troops Campaign Inc

About this campaign

URGENT NEED!! Many of our Nation's HERO'S are suffering and some DYING on our streets. NROTC is on a quest to save as many as possible. But it is all up to you. Join the quest with your donation that will help supply a EACH HERO with a Thermal Blanket, and a Hygiene kit made up of items to stay clean for 30 days. Most homeless Veterans want to be clean because they know dirt left unclean gets in their flesh and causes disease, not to mention it makes them smell.

The need is NOW! How many can be saved is up to you. $25.00 saves ONE, $50.00 saves TWO, and so fourth. When you step up and save one you have done a GREAT THING when you donate $25.00 a month you saved 24, because we have a benefactor who will match all recurring donations.

Meet Margaret Ortiz, a disabled Iraq War Veteran who was homeless Now thanks to VASH and donors like YOU has a permanent home.

It's your move: please share this message and donate if you can without putting yourself at risk of being homeless.

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