CommonChord Project

by CommonChord Project

CommonChord Project brings teenagers together from diverse communities to create and document original songs. The CommonChord Songwriting Summer Intensive is part cultural/social exchange and part intensive arts training. Students are guided by master teaching artists in composition, songwriting, performance as well as empathetic listening and dialogue skills. Original songs are then turned into music videos to be shared widely on social media platforms to create a positive social impact.

CCP has a fiscal sponsorship arrangement with our partner Nautilus Music-Theater, a long-standing nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in St. Paul, Minn., that provides fiduciary oversight allowing us to solicit donations from individuals and foundations. All tax-deductible contributions given using the Nautilus Theater’s exempt status, go directly to CommonChord Project.  Since 1986, Nautilus has been a national leader for the artistic growth of music-theater artists to create, develop, and produce new operas and other forms of music-theater. 

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