NJ Alliance for Immigrant Justice $25K in 25 Days

by NEO Philanthropy Inc.

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is kicking off its 25 day fundraising drive to raise $25,000 by Thursday, October 25th! New Jersey is a state of immigrants. The Garden State is home to the third largest percentage of foreign born residents in the nation. All New Jerseyans deserve to live freely and with dignity. When you give today, you fight for:

  • Young immigrant New Jerseyans and their families, who have lived in New Jersey most of their lives, pursued an education, and enriched our communities with their talents. They support their families and are often the only person in their households with access to a license. 
  • Immigrant families and neighbors, both documented and undocumented, who don’t feel welcomed and fear deportation. 
  • Detainees and their families, who are under attack from Washington. They came to our state seeking a better future and are now caught up in Trump’s deportation machine. 
  • Fathers and mothers, who have to rely on taxis to take their children to school or the doctor’s office in emergencies. This is unacceptable. All families deserve the opportunity to move around our state without difficulty. 

To help us reach our goal, the Fund for New Jersey will match all donations made toward this campaign.

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