Party FOR the House

by New Life Furniture Bank

While we can't party IN the house this year, we CAN party FOR the house! Join us for a very special 4-day design event, November 10-13th, sponsored by some of the finest interior designers in our community. 

Party in the House typically features designers' transforming donated furniture pieces; this year we're taking you on a design team tour of an ENTIRE house. These Design with a Heart teams pair local interior designers with families / individuals to help make a house a home.  

Meet Cameron, Angie, Dee, and Charlie and watch how High Street, Winding Lane Interiors, Design to Market, and DIGS' design teams create functional and beautiful spaces in our mission to support families and individuals overcoming homelessness, domestic abuse, extreme poverty, and other devastating circumstance (New Life Furniture Bank's Design with a Heart on YouTube).

Next year, we'll celebrate the return of Party in the House on Friday, November 5, 2021 at Cincinnati Music Hall. We hope to also celebrate exceeding this 2020's fundraising goals and contributions to the community in the wake of an interesting year!

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