Show Your Love Campaign

by New York City Urban Debate League

The New York City Urban Debate League (“NYCUDL”) is a non-profit organization that serves 3,000+ students by aiming to create access to debate for all so that we may raise the next generation of diverse, informed, courageous and engaged citizens. 

Your contributions allow us to provide not only meaningful opportunities for debate, but also to support our low resourced students on their journey to tournament day.  Debate increases literacy, critical thinking, public speaking, likelihood to go to college and college readiness and civic engagement.

At a time when traditional education models are limited in what they can provide, the NYCUDL offers hundreds of students multiple online debate tournaments every month.   Our digital Summer Debate Institute served over 250 students. The NYCUDL's work helps keep our most vulnerable students educationally engaged and provides a community when so many are feeling isolated.  

The NYCUDL's work also involves our students in the most important issues facing the world today.  Our debaters are examining criminal justice reform, healthcare, environmental issues, foreign policy and voting rights.

Please help the NYCUDL  raise the next generation of leaders, changemakers and great debaters!

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