CJNV Delegation Scholarship Fund

by Center for Jewish Nonviolence

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence brings Jewish activists from around the world to Israel-Palestine to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Palestinian and Israeli partners for joint struggle and solidarity work. Activities include the use of proactive or disruptive nonviolence and non-cooperation, existence is resistance efforts, and critical education.

In order to make it possible for dozens of activists to participate in this campaign, we fundraise for and allocate significant scholarships. Your contribution will go toward the on-the-ground transportation, housing and project costs of activists from around the world seeking financial support. Every dollar raised will go directly to this fund.  

Over the last two delegations we have been able to offer an average of $628 in scholarships to all 71 activists who requested financial support. With your donation, we will ensure that all those who apply to join in groundbreaking coresistance and solidarity work will be able to attend. 

Nonviolence International is our fiscal sponsor.

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This campaign has ended.

Thank you for your support.

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