Donate to Support Hineinu: CJNV’s Sustained Solidarity Project

by Center for Jewish Nonviolence

Now is the time for solidarity. Your gift will make it possible. 

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been no international solidarity activists and only a few Israeli activists present in the South Hebron Hills. Meanwhile, the effects of occupation have only intensified and compounded as settler harassment, military violence, home demolitions, and land seizure continue unabated. Forces of occupation have taken advantage of the lack of attention and solidarity to accelerate their efforts, such as the recent demolition of the entire village of Humsa.

Our Palestinian partners have made clear that because the violence of occupation is continuing in this moment, solidarity must continue as well.

That’s why CJNV has developed the Hineinu project, to bring diaspora Jews to spend three months in the South Hebron Hills in daily, sustained solidarity with our Palestinian partners. This is why we need your support today. 

Your gift will ensure CJNV’s community of coresistance deepens and grows, serving as daily proof that the strongest form of safety we have is our relationships with each other.

This is how we have to work, bringing groups together so that all people feel that special kind of hope and trust that allows them to overcome violence. -Fatma, Rural Women's Association of the South Hebron Hills

CJNV has forged dynamic, sustained, and trusting relationships in solidarity with communities throughout the region across five years of coresistance against the occupation. We are able to show up in this moment and are called to because of the long-term relationships we have built. 

Give today and join us in this new and vital endeavor in solidarity.

By giving to CJNV, you sustain solidarity in the face of growing division and despair. Our work is about modelling the future we want to see in Israel/Palestine. You are investing in urgent coresistance, expanding our capacity for joint civil disobedience and sustained action. Your gift amplifies a Jewish ethical vision anchored in values of solidarity, justice, and collective liberation.
[CJNV] was some of the best organizing I have seen in years. This is ACTUAL coalition building and relational based organizing, following the lead of the most affected. It was an honor to go. -Spring 2019 Delegation Participant

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