Join Coresist Community: CJNV's Monthly Giving Program

by Center for Jewish Nonviolence

In this very moment we are launching our FIRST-EVER monthly giving campaign: we want you to join us. 

We invite you to Coresist with us and make a statement about who you are and the connections you value most in the world.  

The world you want to see is built on connection.

CJNV's theory of change is simple: we believe that effective, principled and lasting nonviolent resistance to occupation and injustice can only emerge from authentic and long-term relationships between Palestinians, Israelis and diaspora Jews. 

But cultivating relationships takes time, intention, and care. They can't just happen online. And they can't happen just once a year. 

When you join the Coresist Community and become a monthly sustainer of CJNV's work, you ensure that staff and volunteers can focus on building and maintaining resilient and game-changing connections 365 days a year

Join us in building a global network of Jews committing to standing side by side with Palestinians in coresistance against the occupation. The boldness of our work and our vision means we can only do this work with your gifts of time, love and money. 

When you join the Coresist Community, you are working to sustain cross-movement connection internationally.

Thank you for building with CJNV.

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