Charity Warriors Challenge 2019

by One Bead

One Bead is competing in the Charity Warriors Challenge; a competition that promotes women-led, MA-based nonprofits by providing a platform that not only works to fundraise, but also to spread awareness about their missions. The top 5 organizations who raise the most money between now and June 4th will have the opportunity to win an additional $10,000.

What We Do:  

Do you remember what it was like to be in middle school? 

Let me refresh your memory: Between state testing and navigating the social hierarchies of the lunch room, it’s not easy. And that’s just what happens inside of the classroom. Outside of school, many of our students are exposed to issues ranging from homelessness to gun violence. 

If we know that children develop a clear sense of who they are by age 11, then it is crucial that we supplement the educational experience with opportunities for students to strengthen their voices and shape their identities much sooner.

At One Bead we intervene early on in a child’s education and provide social impact programming designed to give kids the chance to make a difference. When children are given complete agency over a project that directly benefits those around them, their confidence and ability to empathize with others skyrockets.

Read more about how our students are changing the world: visit out website.

Please help us reach our #CharityWarriorsChallenge goal by contributing to our campaign. Regardless of whether we make the top 5, every dollar will allow us to expand our impact and give hundreds of students in Boston the opportunity to create change within their communities. Thank you!

*Curious about the clouds? One of our students consistently drew clouds on all of her worksheets. When we asked her what they were, she explained that they're her "positivity clouds". Naturally, we now use them whenever we get the chance . 

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This campaign has ended.

Thank you for your support.

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