Help Migrant Families Recover & Rebuild after the Trauma of Separation (National Campaign)

by Open Avenues Foundation

About this campaign

Angela & Ricardo (all names are pseudonyms to protect privacy)

23 year-old Angela and her 4-year old son, Ricardo crossed the border after the Zero Tolerance Policy and joined other family members in the US, some of whom had been separated at the border. The extended family is living in a small, overcrowded apartment and is facing challenges to address many critical needs. Angela is anxious to provide her little boy, who is finally sleeping peacefully through the night again, with a secure, stable life as he starts school in the fall.

Susana & Marco

Susana, a teenager & Marco, her little brother, were abandoned by their parents long ago; she is his only parent figure. They were separated at the border and kept apart for many months. After incredible advocacy finally won their release and reunification, they have safely settled into an apartment. Marco is now thriving in school: he has won two math awards, and proudly displays his class photo on his bedroom wall. The siblings planted a garden in their backyard that they love to tend together. Though they enjoy their new lives in America, they are under constant stress about the future. This fragile young family needs ongoing support as their asylum claim moves forward.

Julissa & baby

 Julissa is a very pregnant 22 year-old—due with her first child in just a few weeks. She crossed the border in March and was released due to her advanced pregnancy. She urgently needs financial help as she brings her little one into the world. All of these young families had to flee home; it was too dangerous for them to stay. They have little to rely on here in the US, their new home, without the support of generous donors like you. 

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