Help Migrant Families Recover & Rebuild after the Trauma of Separation (National Campaign)

by Open Avenues Foundation

About this campaign

For the past six months, Together & Free and Open Avenues Foundation have partnered on a journey to support migrant families who were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. Today, we are supporting nearly 15% of all families across the country who were torn apart as a result of the Zero Tolerance Policy.

For families, once reunited, there are still so many obstacles that they must navigate. Our network of employees and volunteers are guiding these families through the terror and stress that has been inflicted upon them. We offer a wide range of supports, such as housing, legal services, and mental health & medical care. 

This holiday season, please help these families by donating to Open Avenues Foundation in support of the efforts of nearly 1,500 Together & Free volunteers who are working with families across the country. Help us show these individuals kindness, not hate

100% of our funds raised go directly to families. 

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