Giving Tuesday

by Open Buffalo, Inc.

About this campaign

An “OPEN Buffalo” to us means that Our People are Empowered, Now!

It’s time our city is reflective of each and every one of us, and is a Buffalo where all our voices are heard, and acknowledged. Who else will open Buffalo if not the people most impacted by injustice, divestment and lack of opportunity?

At Open Buffalo, we empower those whose voices are usually ignored. Through our leadership development programs such as Emerging Leaders and Democracy Fellows, we build up the leaders who will work to create systemic improvements in our community. Through our campaign work and policy advocacy, we work to combat the ill-effects of gentrification and excessive policing on our communities. And through holding space for allied groups to work in coalition, we ensure that efforts are streamlined toward the positive change that we believe is imminent.

This is our vision of an “OPEN Buffalo” -- what’s yours?

Open Buffalo is a Community Movement for Social and Economic Justice. It is a civic initiative to make major, long-term improvements in justice and equity in the City of Buffalo. For more information, please visit

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