The Open Door 2020 Year End Campaign

by The Open Door NJNY

We are excited to launch our 2020 year-end campaign, where we invite you to bring hope and healing into our students' lives.  

The Open Door builds and crosses bridges between students and volunteers and creates lasting friendships and a beautiful community; a familia!

This year, being as unique as it is, we have decided to allocate (partial) funds to directly supporting our familia with the additional needs they have as we move into the winter season (which very well may see increased Covid cases and potential shutdowns.)  We are committed to walking alongside our neighbors through this (and every) season!

Funding will specifically support the following:

What better way to build holiday memories than around the table, enjoying a home cooked meal together?  This year, we would like to provide each of our 300+ students with a Food Bazaar gift card, ensuring his/her Christmas meal is memorable!

In such stressful times, money is certainly not in excess for our students; because so many children are learning virtually, from home, we would like to gift families with school supplies for their children.  (Many children's only tools for learning right now are an outdated cellphone and a pencil.)

And of course, funds will be used to provide the long-term and short-term Covid relief we've recognized in our core programs: ESL, GED/TASC and computer literacy.  Our classes support students as they are expected to help their children with virtual learning, access job opportunities/ accurate pandemic information and secure new work as a result of recent unemployment.

YOUR generosity makes it all possible.  Thank you!  Many, many blessings for a happy and healthy holiday season!

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