Spring Into Action

by Openhouse | San Francisco's LGBTQ+ Senior Community

 Billie Jean King helped us kick off our Spring Into Action campaign that supports our response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Our mission has not changed in the face of COVID-19. At our core, Openhouse believes in communities powered by intergenerational connection and we are always fighting against distancing and isolation from LGBTQ seniors.  COVID-19 has also not changed the challenges that seniors face in our community, it has simply increased the urgency and intensity of those needs, while making the stakes for meeting them even higher. And lastly, COVID-19 has not changed the value of LGBTQ seniors to our community. In fact, their strength, wisdom and resilience matter now more than ever. It is often the perspective of history that helps us believe we can get through today and shows the path forward to our future. 

Support Openhouse today and ensure the needs of the LGBTQ senior community are met during these uncertain times!  This is how you can help;

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