Ready4Work - St. Johns County

by Operation New Hope

With 20 years of boots on the ground experience in providing reentry services, we have seen first hand that there is a serious need for expansion of our Ready4Work program. In 2017, Kevin Gay, CEO & Founder of Operation New Hope, learned about the work being done by Compassionate St. Augustine and St. Paul AME Church. Impressed by the efforts of community leaders Caren Goldman, Rev. Ron Rawls, and many other volunteers, a plan was set in motion to bring a satellite office to St. Augustine. The expansion project has been bolstered by the support of the City of St. Augustine and the St. Johns County Sheriff's Department.

Operation New Hope has presented the community with a one-year proposed budget for operating expenses, inclusive of all costs and has requested that the first year be substantially funded prior to opening the office. Once the location pilot has been launched, Operation New Hope will act as managing entity for the site. 

Ready4Work saves taxpayers millions of critical dollars a year that can be reinvested back into communities to help address the root causes of incarceration, like poverty, lack of quality affordable housing, limited education, mental illness, and substance abuse. The success of the program is evident in the transformation stories of its clients, enhanced hiring practices for the employment partners, healthier communities and families, and better public safety through reduced recidivism.

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