by Orkestai Farm

Friends, Newcomers, and Orkestai Farm-ily,

Orkestai Farm is a unique place where people with autism and other developmental (dis)abilities come to grow food for their community through a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture). Orkestai Farm provides inclusive* hands-on education in sustainable farming for teens and adults in addition to workshops in the Arts. 

We’re turning FIVE and to celebrate we’re expanding on and off the fields! 

Your contributions will help us: 

  • Found our brand NEW Community Center with Community Partners!
  • Establish our very first orchard!
  • Expand our infrastructure: build a greenhouse to extend our growing season, add arched trellises to grow vining plants, a fence to keep out our furry friends, and a walk-in cooler to keep our harvest even fresher.
  • Create a scholarship fund for farmers in need to learn organic farming in a supportive environment.
  • And many more farm-y things!

If you're local, sign up for our 2019 CSA.

And please visit our WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram pages to learn more about us.

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