Ouallo Kouya Foundation Giving Campaign

by Ouallo Kouya Foundation

Our purpose is to provide access to education and to promote a culture of self-reliance in the villages of the Ivory Coast. Our plan is to build a cashew processing plant in the Ivory Coast and purchase cashews from local farmers which will create an economic boost to the local region. We will provide jobs, training, and education to women, children, and men to improve their circumstances and help them be self-reliant. With the profits made by selling cashews to international buyers, we will take our net profits and re-invest them back into local communities within the Ivory Coast. 

Therefore, when you as a consumer buy cashews from any of our buyers or distributors you will know that your purchase is helping to support a non-profit that is donating its net income who is improving the lives of thousands of individuals each year, including those same farmers where we buy our cashews from. 

What will we build? We have already begun construction of a house for a school principal to live in and will begin to drill for clean water before the end of the year in local villages. We also have plans to build new schoolhouses, cafeterias, and playgrounds, as well as medical facilities in local areas to support the medical needs of these villages. 

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