We're Counting Down to Christmas... Week 10

by Pamoza

More than 95% of the people Pamoza serves in Malawi are subsistence farmers. That means they live off of what they grow. Unfortunately, nearly 40% of them don’t grow enough food each year and start to run out of food after only six months.

The Pamoza Farming Institute (PFI) exists to help local farmers boost food production. PFI is a 70-acre plot of land where we model sustainable agricultural practices such as water conservation, irrigation, animal husbandry, and crop diversification. PFI also trains farmers on the business end of agriculture, preparing them for the day that their harvest exceeds their families' food needs. Crops grown at the Farming Institute are sold to generate income for Pamoza programs 

It costs us $17,000 per year to run the Pamoza Farming Institute. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by Christmas to help offset operating costs for the Institute. 

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