We're Counting Down to Christmas... Week 2

by Pamoza

Did you know that Pamoza sees an average of 100 patients at our weekly community clinic in Zowe? 

The nearest hospital is 6 miles away and is only accessible by foot, oxcart, or bicycle. Additionally, hospitals and nearby clinics charge high prices for medicines or often run out.

Pamoza has relationships with local pharmacies and is able to purchase medicines that are not readily available. We collaborate with local healthcare professionals -- and hire some of our own -- to serve our communities. 

The challenge in running a reliable and well-respected clinic is that as our number of patients increases, our medicines and supplies become depleted. We'd love to start the new year off with full shelves.

Please consider making a special gift to help us fill our medicine cabinet at Zowe Community Clinic -- $100 covers one day of medicine at our clinic.

Our goal this year is to raise $5,200 for medicine and medical supplies. 

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