We're Counting Down to Christmas... Week 7

by Pamoza

Families are important units in a community. They foster and nurture the growth and development of children, they pass on values and heritage, and they are anchors that help shape the communities where they live.

At Pamoza, we believe in sustainably transforming the lives of the families we serve. This is why we initiated the C.H.I.E.F. program, targeting our most vulnerable families and supporting their transformation in Character, Health, Income, Education, and Food security.

We currently have 237 families participating in C.H.I.E.F. Each one is assigned a Community Development Facilitator who first assesses their needs across all five areas and then develops a plan with the family to help them meet their needs. We have seen a huge impact from this holistic approach which allows us to go deeper in our work.

Jason, pictured above with his wife Lucia, told us, “I had been going to church but my behavior never changed. I thank Pamoza for changing my life and helping me on issues of conflict resolution through Pamoza’s Community Development Facilitator. Now I pray with my wife at home, and also help my village members follow Christ." But Jason was not only supported in his spiritual development; he also improved his agricultural practices, his ability to earn income, and the health and hygiene for his household.

You can support a family like Jason and Lucia's. $240 covers C.H.I.E.F. program expenses for a year; $60 covers costs for 3 months.  

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