We're Counting Down to Christmas... Week 8

by Pamoza

Imagine trying to learn on an empty stomach. It’s quite distracting. But in rural Malawi, it is the norm because more than 90 percent of the students in our communities come to school without having eaten breakfast, and some walk quite a distance to get there. 

That’s why Pamoza started a school breakfast program in 4 elementary schools. Last year, 1,600 children received breakfast at school through our feeding program. This program is one of our best interventions for promoting education. It has significantly improved attendance and has reduced dropout rates. We find that some families send their children to school more for the food than the education, but we all know that education gives them a tremendous long-term advantage!

The best part of Pamoza's breakfast program is that each school is supported by its own community, which has a designated farm to grow the corn that is used to make the porridge for breakfast. By partnering with the community, we are able to keep costs extremely low.  $10 provides breakfast for one student ALL SCHOOL YEAR. Will you support us with a $50 gift to provide breakfast to 5 students this year?  

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