FIBUSPAM Covid-19 Relief Fund

by Partners for Andean Community Health (PACH)

UPDATE: Thanks to the overwhelming outpour of support, the Fibuspam Ecuador team not only remains strong and secure, but is empowered and equipped to take on covid-19 directly. As the country's already fragile health system is at its capacity, FIBUSPAM's presence in the community as a pillar of hope and accessible, reliable, quality care is more critical than ever. The team is focusing on screening, referrals, disease prevention, and public health education and outreach, as well as directly addressing secondary morbidity and mortality.  We extend a heartfelt thank you once again to our family of donors and supporters- this would not be possible without you.

Donations continue to be abundantly appreciated in order to sustain and expand this work and impact. 

As we navigate these uncharted waters, PACH remains fervently dedicated to supporting, equipping, and empowering our local on-the-ground partners at the FIBUSPAM clinic. As the covid-19 situation rapidly develops and causes disruptions to daily life in Ecuador and around the globe, we anticipate far-reaching and long-term ripple effects for the FIBUSPAM clinic, the region’s most vulnerable communities already struggling with poverty, and Ecuador as a whole.

The FIBUSPAM clinic has a smart, innovative model that generates income from elective procedures and paying patients in order to offset the overall operational costs and provide affordable, high quality care for limited-resource community members. However, as Ecuadorians are unable to leave their homes to access these services and also face major financial shocks, staff's capacity to practice medicine and earn income is severely halted, and the clinic’s overall viability is at risk.

As the FIBUSPAM clinic does not have the equipment necessary to care for patients with coronavirus, and protective medical gear is extremely limited, the FIBUSPAM clinic’s capacity to treat patients is limited in order to protect the staff’s health and safety.

Together, we can build a bridge for FIBUSPAM’s loyal and dedicated team to help them weather this crisis. We are asking our extended PACH & FIBUSPAM family to come  together to create a fund that will ensure the continuity of FIBUSPAM staff for the next several months, provide for the purchase of protective gear, and allow staff to focus on critical public health education and disease prevention.

When the covid-19 situation stabilizes and services can resume, FIBUSPAM’s strong presence in the community will be more important than ever as community members require affordable, accessible health care.

By keeping the FIBUSPAM team whole and thriving, their invaluable work can pick up where they left off, and our collective efforts to build sustainable pathways to accessible healthcare in the region can continue.

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