2018 Open House

by Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC)

For more than 30 years, the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) has built on the collective strengths of individuals, families, and organizations to help improve communication, community engagement, and conflict resolution throughout San Mateo County. 

Help us meet our #GivingTuesday goals so that we can continue focusing on our key initiatives of empowering youth, strengthening families, and engaging communities.

PCRC’s Engaging Communities Initiative works with groups to address issues that affect their neighborhoods. Youth violence, health disparities and drug and alcohol abuse are just a few examples. Through facilitated dialogue and structured community meetings, PCRC helps create safe spaces.

PCRC’s Strengthening Families Initiative helps families access resources and gain both communication and leadership skills. These skills help them better navigate the educational system, break down cultural barriers and improve communication with their children.

PCRC’s Empowering Youth Initiative works with youth to develop leadership and communication skills, cultural identity, volunteerism and self-advocacy. 

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