by PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement

Right now, tens of thousands of migrants being held at the border and in detention centers have limited or no access to menstrual products. A lawsuit challenging the Department of Homeland Security described the inhumane horrors of menstruators bleeding through their pants and being forced to wear bloody clothes. The suit shares that a “girl was detained for ten days and never offered a shower, even though she was on her period and was given only one sanitary pad a day.” While there is no way to donate period products directly to people in detention centers, PERIOD is partnering with the Alliance of Border Collaboratives to donate and distribute period products to migrant women and girls at the border (mainly in Texas and those being denied entry in Mexico). 

PERIOD is a global youth-run nonprofit fighting to end period poverty and period stigma. To date, we have addressed over 800,000 periods through product distribution to people in need, and registered over 500 campus chapters in all 50 states and beyond. We will be mobilizing their nationwide chapter network in this campaign, and we have already secured product from some of our brand partners. We need to raise the funds to ship the product and facilitate distribution. According to our partners in border communities, there is an urgent need for period products for at least 40,000 people. With our model, we can serve an entire menstrual cycle with just $2 - so please donate whatever you can. We will be sharing constant updates on @periodmovement. We are taking direct action, and by doing so we unequivocally state: access to menstrual hygiene is a human right. 

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