Menstrual Equity during COVID-19 🦠

by PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement

HELP US SERVE PERIODS DURING THIS PANDEMIC. We are shipping period products at NO COST, sending them to any service provider (shelters, food pantries, etc) around the US who requests them. For every $35 donated, we're able to cover shipping to serve 100 periods! 

PERIOD remains fully operational and committed to serving menstruators in need, while we practice social distancing. Our team will remain responsive and dedicated to serving those who are hit hardest by this emergency. We are an ever strong, small and mighty team who is very nimble.

Our thoughts are with our many youth members, whose schools are closing and lives in flux, and with our nonprofit direct service providers, who are working tirelessly to serve homeless and low income neighbors most affected by this crisis. We are here to help them in any way we can. After all, just because the world is slowing down doesn’t mean that menstrual needs go away.

In the immediate, we are scaling our distribution to be able to serve the communities that would normally be served by their local chapters. We are pivoting, and focusing on shipping and maintaining the distribution of free menstrual products to all our communities across the US this year! 

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