Fund the Jim Fischerkeller Library

by Pittsburgh Equality Center

The James Fischerkeller Library, housed at the PGH Equality Center, is the 3rd oldest LGBTQ+ library in the United States and remains one of the nations largest libraries focused on LGBTQIA+ issues. The collection contains many books by LGBTQIA+ authors. The library has been a mainstay of resources for the Western Pennsylvania LGBTQIA+ community. The PGH Equality Center is working to ensure that our Library will continue to be available for the future.

With thousands of books in our collection, the library is currently mostly in storage. This was made necessary due to a planned temporary relocation for the PEC into a space that could not accommodate the entire library. Storing our Library is expensive, but $15 can house the Library for one day until we are able to move into a larger space, post COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider giving $15 as a one time donation or on a monthly basis to keep this historic LGBTQIA+ focused library alive for the future!

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