Waddle Walk 2019

by Pregnancy After Loss Support

The Waddle Walk is the first and only pregnancy after loss world awareness event.

The Waddle Walk is Pregnancy After Loss Support’s (PALS) first grassroots event to help raise funds to continue to support moms pregnant again after a loss. The Waddle Walk hopes to raise awareness about the unique experience a loss mom walks during her nine month journey navigating grief, fear and hope during a pregnancy that follows a loss.

Courageous pregnant after loss (PAL) mamas around the world can participate in raising awareness about the unique experiences and challenges of grieving one life while hoping for another during a pregnancy that follows a loss by completing a three mile for the three trimesters of pregnancy, solidarity walk in their neighborhood on the same weekend this year as other PAL moms.

What is the virtual Waddle Walk?

Since Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) is an international, primarily online organization, we wanted all of our members to be able to participate in our biggest event, the Waddle Walk. So, this will be a virtual event.

But, how does a virtual walk work?


You register, and we mail you your t-shirt.

Then you choose a spot and time for you and your team to walk the suggested three miles (for the three trimesters of pregnancy after loss) on the weekend of Saturday June 29 - Sunday June 30.

You create your fundraising page

You Raise funds through your team fundraising page.

Then send us your Waddle Walk photos and share your photos with #WaddleWalk & #PALSWaddleWalk




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