We are PHAmily End of Year Campaign

by Project Home Again

Thanks to your generosity, over 11,000 families have received everything they needed to turn a living space into a real home. With your help, our clients now have the beds and linens, towels, dressers, kitchen tables and chairs, sofas, dishes, glasses, pots and pans, rugs, and so much more to make their homes (and futures) more comfortable, more dignified, and filled with the good intentions of our donors and volunteers. On their behalf, thank you for your help. 

 Let me tell you about Jesse and her three young children. They recently returned to Massachusetts after Jesse’s husband, a veteran who had been on tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, returned home wounded and was tragically murdered. Without benefits or family to turn to, Jesse came to us and immediately became a special member of our PHAmily. Upon leaving with everything she needed to set up a home for herself and her children and start a new chapter in her life, this strong and courageous young widow hugged me and promised to return one day to give back to someone who might need the help because it was an important lesson for her children.
 There is no way that Jesse and her children could ever share their full thanks to you, but we will! Because of your generosity and belief in the magic that occurs at Project Home Again, stories like this happen each and every week.

This December, we are launching our “We Are Phamily” end of year campaign. Our goal for 2020 is to fulfill the needs of 2800 new “phamily members”. To ensure we have the funds to keep our shelves and showroom floor stocked, we need to raise $30,000 by December 31, but we can’t do it without your continued generosity.


Will you join us in a year-end contribution to help families in desperate need of furniture and household furnishings to start life anew? With your passionate support, we can provide comfort and peace to those experiencing brave transitions within our community each week.

Thank you again for helping us turn houses into homes for our PHAmily of clients and helping them live with the comfort and dignity we all deserve. You and your support matters.


Nancy Kanell

Founder and President

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