The Call of Impact

by Pure Heart Foundation

#TheCallOfImpact is a call to action challenge designed to spread awareness of the silent struggles children with incarcerated parents face. The COVID-19 global pandemic has become a devastating factor in the communication for children of inmates. The financial burden families face daily makes it harder for children to consistently communicate with their parent while incarcerated. 

The Goal: To provide funding support for children of incarcerated parents to stay connected with their parents through phone communication and provide family reunification services that will preserve, develop and improve the relationship between the child and their incarcerated parent.

The Social Media Challenge: 

1. Register at at 

2. Call a loved one by phone, set a timer and only talk for 3 minutes. No matter where the conversation is, at the two minute mark you must announce "1 minute remaining".  Once the time is up end the call without notice.

3.. Prepare a social media post about your experience and use the hashtag #TheCallOfImpact

4..Challenge others to make the call and donate! 

For more information on The Call of Impact Campaign or to become a partnering sponsor please visit our site at 

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