Celebrate With a Purpose 2021

by Purposeful Living INC

Purposeful Living exists to serve the modern woman -- the woman who looks like she has it all together, but behind closed doors is hurting, searching, or lonely. We strive to bring her out of isolation and into Christ-like community. We do this through our four pillars of Care, Coaching, Growth Groups, and Events

This year, we have had to cancel our annual Celebrate fundraising event -- so we are bringing the fundraising virtual! We rely heavily on monthly donations, so we are asking that you consider starting your monthly donation today

Because of generous donors like you, Purposeful Living made a huge impact on our community in 2020! 

450 Coaching Sessions -- 88 Growth Group Attendees -- 580 Care Team Touches -- 459 Event Attendees

Link arms with us today and help us walk alongside women who are struggling in this season!

What Women in the Purposeful Living Community are Saying: 

"Purposeful Living has impacted my life in so many ways. I came to the first breakfast at Nadine's invitation and had no thoughts of being further involved. I soon realized this was just the place I had been looking for to volunteer, to give back. When I started showing up and volunteering with Growth Groups, Coaching, etc. I soon realized I was receiving way more than I could ever give. I realized how important it is to be connected to authentic, loving women, to show up as myself and encourage others to do the same. I have loved every minute of my time in each and every aspect of Purposeful Living. I am thankful for the women I meet who continue to pour into each other and model the love of Christ."

"My coach has been my rock in this crazy year. Without judgement, she has listened and helped me to recognize several unhealthy patterns and broken boundaries I was bringing to many of my relationships. And with much wisdom, patience, and encouragement she has given me the tools and freedom to try a different approach. It has changed my relationships because it has changed me; I often feel like I've put on glasses for the first time in my life. I can't thank my coach enough!"

"Having gone through the Identity series in my Growth Group, I feel more connected to God and feel more accepting of myself and my past. I went into it without expectations, and it far exceeded what I had hoped it would be. I learned a lot about myself and now more than ever am able to embrace the truth about who God says I am. I have been able to process through past trauma and know that I am not alone in my thoughts and experiences. I feel better equipped to walk along this journey of healing, knowing that God walks with me, and that I have a community of amazing women to lean on."

"I found this amazing gift basket on my front steps this morning filled with so many goodies I'd never buy for myself because I don't feel deserving of them. I don't know why the amazing women at Purposeful Living INC continue to make me feel so loved and reminded of God's love for me as his precious daughter, but I love them dearly for it. These women must be angels of God and maybe, just maybe, he is speaking through them to remind me that my life has a purpose and that I can be a light to others but need to first find that light within myself."

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