Women and Children Community Centers

by Quechua Benefit

For 30 years, Sister Antonia dedicated herself to improving the lives of the people in Yanque. With your support, Quechua Benefit has participated in the creation of Sister Antonia Community Kitchens that are operated by the communities in Ichupampa and Yanque. These new, modern buildings each have space for a Women’s and Children’s Community Center, and this is where the next chapter in Sister Antonia’s legacy, with your help, will unfold.

The Women’s and Children’s Community Centers will be staffed by local women who are respected in the community and can  advocate for the women and children, offering advice and making medical referrals. They may offer job training, family planning advice, suggest employment opportunities, and provide adult education about family violence. Quechua Benefit, in partnership with the Church, government agencies, the local mayors and private charities, can implement programs that address the most pressing needs as defined by the community.

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