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by Rahab's Daughters

We're opening two safe houses in the Tampa Bay Area! 

With a joint partnership between the Rahab's Daughters & The Florida Dream Center, we are working hard to open two safe houses in the Tampa Bay Area for victims of human trafficking. One for mom's with children the first of its kind in Florida and 1 for adult women. 

We need you to achieve this goal. Your volunteerism and your contributions both in kind and in cash will make this a reality. Please attend to find out how your skills can be used to make this project a reality. Are you an interior designer? Are you a bookkeeper, exterminator, or marketeer? Every skill is needed to make this happen. 

The financial goal for this project is $500,000 and YOU are the only way we can make this happen so please join us.

Rahab's Daughters is a nonprofit that works to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate survivors of human trafficking. We have a mission of doing our part in putting an end to the human trafficking industry. Join us in our efforts by joining the fight against human trafficking! All proceeds from this campaign will go towards funding the Tampa Bay safe house, and purchasing the materials needed to provide survivors with a comfortable and safe living environment.

Florida Dream Center is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, providing a broad array of human services within our community with both immediate and long term needs. Our services include recovering and restoring sex trafficking survivors, feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, improving our community through outreach, and bringing other organizations and services together for a common goal. Florida Dream Center is building and rebuilding safe, productive, and endearing communities.

Alongside the cost of the house itself, we're looking to provide our survivors with the items needed to turn this house into a home, such as fresh towels, bedding, toiletries, furniture, and more. Any and all donations are helpful in ensuring this house will be fully stocked and ready for our first rescues when we open.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at tampa@rahabsdaughters.org.

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