The Big Game Mission Trip 2021

by Rahab's Daughters

More than 10,000 women and children are trafficked annually during the week of the Super Bowl.

While most sports fans are gearing up for an evening of fun and football, we spend the year gearing up to combat human trafficking at the Super Bowl.

Every year, we take a missionary team to Super Bowl city. Working in conjunction with local organizations and law enforcement, we combat trafficking and raise awareness around the issue. ​Sporting events and major conferences tend to have a 20% or more uptick in human trafficking during the event, regardless of the location. We work to balance the scales by planning mission trips to major events to combat this heinous crime.

While research is divided on the actual increase, we realize that the problem is increasing.

In 2016, a member of the Denver Broncos, Ryan Murphy, was detained for involvement in a sex trafficking ring.

In 2017, 522 Johns were arrested in a sting in Houston.

In 2018, 94 men were arrested in sex trafficking stings conducted by the Minneapolis PD.

In 2019, over 150 people were nabbed by the FBI in the lead up to Super Bowl LIII

Our organization is committed to visiting Super Bowl city and helping to reduce trafficking in every way we can in order to provide survivors with options for a fresh start.

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