Shane Alexander

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Without the patronage of some of the wealthiest families in Italy, the art that came out of the Renaissance period would have never come to be. The creations of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Palestrina as well as the social impact of their creations would have been lost forever.

Join an ever growing number of people who feel that we must preserve the independent artist and their creations before all we're listening to is streaming music from A.I.


Since his debut The Middle Way in 2005, Alexander has forged a singular style blending west coast folk, rock and psychedelia into a successful sound that has appeared in over 100 television shows and films.

Touring the US and 11 other countries both as a headliner, and supporting acts like Bon Iver, Jewel, John Hiatt, Suzanne Vega, Seal, Styx and Yes, the fiercely independent artist has developed a loyal international fanbase, further enhanced in recent months when 'Skyway Drive-In', a solo acoustic track from the album Ladera, crossed over 14 million streams on Spotify.

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