Heart for Nicaragua Virtual 5k

by Rayo de Sol

Rayo de Sol is a Christian nonprofit organization committed to sharing hope with children and families in Nicaragua. Motivated by the love of Christ, we work in vulnerable communities, creating opportunities for personal transformation and social change.

Our goal with the Heart for Nicaragua 5k is to raise $50,000 for the Family and Community Health Fund. The communities that we serve in Nicaragua have very limited access to basic health services, and malnutrition rates are alarmingly high among school children. With the Family and Community Health Fund, we will provide the following:

  • Community medical clinics, treating approximately 300 patients per month
  • Specialized medical attention for Special Case patients with chronic or acute medical needs
  • Public health education in schools and communities to prevent common illnesses
  • Nutritious school lunches for 4,200 children every day of the school year

By participating in the Heart for Nicaragua 5k, you will be raising funds to provide these critical health services for children and their families in 35 urban and rural communities.

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