Help Inmates in Isolation Right Now!

by Realness Project

To keep prisoners safe from massive Covid-19 outbreaks, prisons have minimized on-site staff and volunteers. The result: extreme isolation for incarcerated people…indefinitely. 

Your financial support is requested to print and distribute workbooks to inmates called Finding Ease In Isolation.

Our initial goal is to put this inspiring workbook in the hands of 2,500 inmates. At $10 per workbook (bulk cost), we'll need $25,000.

The workbook is a 14-day introduction to Authentic Relating (AR), designed specifically for incarcerated people. 

AR is a set of skills that empower people to engage in healthy human connection - starting with our relationship with ourselves. With rich examples and simple exercises, this workbook increases self-awareness, self-respect, inner strength, and dignity.

It's a challenging time for all of us. 

Here is a chance to ease fear and isolation and bring some light to people who are living in the darkest corners of society.

Please choose a giving level that inspires you!

Thank you!

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