Global Rescue Operations

by Rescue 1 Global

Investigations, Mobile Operations, Emergency Extractions, Safe Relocation and Repatriation

Our Global Rescue Operations are broken down into several different types of operations: Investigations, Community Outreach, Surveillance and Mobile Ops Teams. Special Rescue Operations are the coordinated response to rescue, intervene or intercept a minor or adult victim or a self-identified trafficking victim comprised of few Community Outreach members, Mobile Ops team members and necessary government Agencies.

  • In addition to Task Forcing, Community Outreach initiatives are designed to a) mobilize communities to infiltrate facilitators of trafficking through consistent visitation and service of individuals or families with identified vulnerabilities, to identify and build relationships with victims to provide a safe framework of self-identification
  • and exit from prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation.
  • Surveillance teams help the community outreach teams locate the service location, security, look out for suspicious activity, investigate and gather Intel on traffickers and liaise with law enforcement agencies.
  • Mobile Ops teams serve as extraction teams to safely remove victims from the control of a trafficker to a safe house or as a relocation team from victim/survivor referrals we get from law enforcement agencies or partner organizations.

Our Requests for rescue aid and victim advocacy can come from federal, state and local law enforcement, the District Attorney's office, social workers, medical professionals, classmates, teachers, observant citizens, concerned family members and victims themselves.

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