Stories of Second Chances, December 10, 2020

by Restore Justice

View our live-streamed event from Thursday, December 10 and help us celebrate five successful years of working to improve the criminal legal system in Illinois. Here is the link to join and view the show on YouTube. 

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Our purpose is to roll back ineffective “tough on crime” policies of the past, and to replace them with compassionate, smart, and safe policies for the future. We’re focused on issues facing people serving life or de facto life sentences, particularly those who become involved in the criminal legal system as youth or young adults. 

Since March, our work has become particularly urgent as COVID-19 has hit prison facilities and has exacerbated the racial disparities both within the Illinois Department of Corrections and among those affected by the pandemic. Learn more and find out how you can help by making a donation of any amount from this page to register for our virtual event.

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