Hoka Hey Challenge


The Hoka Hey Challenge is a 10,000 mile motorcycle ride across the U.S.A. This year, only 100 riders are putting their strength, grit and tenacity to the test to see how far they can go! 

"Hoka Hey" is based on the Lakota Sioux principle of WOLAKOTA, celebrating all that is pure and powerful in the warrior spirit.  

This year, one of Resurrecting Lives Foundation's very own veterans, Patrick Romeo, will be riding in the challenge. Each rider is required to raise money for a non-profit of their choice, and Patrick has chosen us!

Get to Know Patrick:

Patrick Romeo is a husband of 28 years, father of 3 girls and grandfather of 4. He is also an Air Force veteran and retired firefighter, who now continues his public service career as a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Patrick says, "taking my motorcycle with me to my deployments when possible, gives me an escape in my down time and allows me to explore new areas regularly. When I'm not working or riding, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my wife and family."

Aside from raising money for veterans with TBI, Patrick's goal is "to compete with integrity and finish safely with a respectable time. Stay hydrated and have fun!"

The Challenge:

The Hoka Hey is a brutal ride across the country, over the course of 13 days. Riders are not allowed to use a GPS, must sleep with their bike outside and only know where they are riding as far as the next checkpoint. 


100% of the donations raised for Patrick's Hoka Hey ride go directly to Resurrecting Lives Foundation (RLF). RLF is a registered 501(c)(3) and enjoys a gold rating by Guide Star.

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